Social Development Projects


Our Social Development Projects are aimed at lending a helping hand to our neighbours, friends and loved once in issues of life that we face each day that we live. The program is run by Pastor Simba NP and Mr Siphuma XX. We will be involved in many matter of life from giving out blankets to, helping with funeral arrangements to building or renovating house to and helping with Identity Documents and Social Grants registration.

There is an African saying that says, "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", loosely translated to You are who you are because of how you relate to others around you. We wish to show people that they are not alone by doing what we can when we can without expecting anything praise wise.

Identity Documents/Social Grants - There are many in our society that have been struggling to get Identity Documents or correct mistakes in their Identity documents with no success. There are learners who gets to Grade 12 with no valid Identity Documents and the can register for National Diploma Certificates. We have neighbours, loved ones who are in fight to get their social development but have not being able to. We say, a struggle to one of us, is a struggling to all of us. We come in and use all our resources to try and fix this.

Building Or Renovations, we have a target to build one family a house each year. There are many families who do not have adequate housing and they have no hope of building one or their current property is falling apart. Together with our partners, we target to put together enough to go out and ourselves spend a day or weekend building a house to a family, one house at the least each year.

If you are interested in knowing more or know someone or somewhere where we can get involved to help our communities, please get hold of us at