Mentorship, Encouragements And Tertiary Registrations


Our mentorship, encouragement and tertiary registrations is run by Mr Tshibalanganda NE together with his dupity Mr Phalanndwa FS. They will recruit teams of passionate individuals who are capable and willing to become drivers of the programs. We need need individuals who has an optimistic view of life and are themselves living examples despite the outside influences of life.

Mentorship is where we choose pupils and students who are full of potential inside them and assign them a more mature, educated and role playing individual to walk with them, support them, and watch over them during their academic and social development.

Encouragements we choose schools, (starting with local school) and we will take individuals who are motivational and are examples to go encourage students in their persuit of a successful academic career and social life. We go there and spend the afternoon with the students giving them the talk. After the talk, we will have the Tertiary Registrations team ready to answer all question the students might have. This program will run once every quarter for all the schools choosen so that we have continuity.

Tertiary Registrations we find academically active individuals who knows and are willing to find out about various University entrance requirements and application processes. We then take this information and pass it on to interested students and help them from beggining to end on their registration process. We do this for all high learning centers and bursary application.

If you are interested or know anyone who could use the assistance, please send us an email on