Excellence Awards


Our Excellence Awards is run by Mr Maphophe HD together with his dupity Mr Tshikolomo ML. Both of them coming from a teaching background and with a great understanding of running a school, they will employ this experience to make sure that the program is not a nice function for the school, teachers and students but an encouragement platform that gets both the teaching staff and the students on their feet to achieve excellency.

Excellence Awards we choose schools, (starting with local school) and run the program where students are rewarded for their outstanding performance in their academic program. We hope to encourage both achievers and non-achievers and it will be in this program that we will find student to put into our mentorship program.

We hope that the school performance in general is will improve, the learners achievement will improve and we will achieve a 90% pass rate in the grades where we will be running this program. No student will be left behind and we are sure to bring out the best in our student so they can achieve greatness.

Typical examples of the awards will be in this form:

  • Trophies - Overall aciever in class.
  • Certificates - Subject achiever in class (certain or all subjects).
  • Certificates can be quarterly and trophies in semesters
  • Major prizes for grade 11 and Grade 12 Final Examples top achievers

If you are interested or you want to know more or know a school that could use the program, please send us an email on info@phalanndwa.co.za