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We are a registered non profit organisation

The IE Phalanndwa Foundation is a registered non profit organisation with the Department Of Social Development of the Republic Of South Africa. Our registration number is : 182-611 NPO and our status is active. We are governed by the rules, regulations and policies set out by the department. Should anyone feels or have any evidence that we are not abiding by the rules set out by the department, please do let us know so we can correct immidiately.

Who is Mr Itani Enos Phalanndwa

Mr Itani Enos Phalanndwa was born 21 July 1947 to Mr Petrus Phalanndwa Nekhumbe Mudogwa and Mekiah Muofhe Nekhumbe Mudogwa. He grew up in the village of Gaba and went to Tshaulu Primary School. Married to Mrs Martha Basani Maluleke and Mrs Nkhensani Noria (Adelaide) Mashengete, Vho Enos has 10 children (5 boys and 5 girls).

Not formally educated, Mr Phalanndwa was very intelligent in his own right. Those priviledged to have crossed paths with him can testify to that. He worked a couple of odd jobs across the country until he opened PhalChemicals cc. A company specialising in cleaning chemicals and materials. He went on to open a stationery division of the same business. Later, worked with his family to open a Tyre Shop that was turned into a Dunlop Express a few months before his depature.

He was well known for his big heart. His desire to help people and his love for education. A Godly man that united his family and society. His work will not be forgoten but will be carried further through the work of the foundation.

How did we come about to be

After living out his full life, Mr Phalanndwa's legacy wasnt' one to be forgoten about. We saw it fit to put together loved ones who understands and knows what the legacy is and is about. Through this foundation, we are going to continue the care, love and support that Mr Phalanndwa had for the schools, families and communities regardless of social status.

We hope to touch and change peoples lives through our work. We hope to raise enough money to fulfill the mandate that we have as an organisation. Ours is to believe that there are people out there who still cares. People who believe in humanity and that we a hand washes the other one. Together, we will make Mr Phalanndwa proud. Together, we will change the destiny of the young man and woman that will be affected by the work that we do.

What do we do

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