Our nation is in need of...
Fearless man and woman!

One such man was...
Itani Enos Phalanndwa


“I was part of the Marathon 2016. I must say, well organised, well thought through. Expecting a much bigger one this year. Thank you.”

-Mr Thompson Shirinda-

The IE Phalanndwa Foundation

The foundation was started in December of 2016 to honor and continue the work started by Mr I E Phalanndwa. A hero in his own right. A lover of education and a man of work ethics that many have only heard of. Through the work of this foundation, not only will Mr IE Phalanndwa be remembered, but many will come to know of him and the very thing that he believed every young person should not be robbed of; i.e. Self Respect, Education, Hope, Recognition and Security.